Monday, July 12, 2010

Good Night, and Good Luck

Since we arrived, Quentin and I have been squatting at his parent's apartment in Bougival (suburbs of Paris) while we search for a suitable (and affordable) Paris apartment. It's nice to be with his family, and the apartment is nice and roomy, but it is a little far from Paris, and can get expensive to keep buying tickets to get into the city. So after a couple of days of posting want ads for roommates and searching through Craigslist, Couchsurfing, and word-of-mouth references, we happened to stumble upon some unbelievable luck! It just so happened that one of Quentin's friends, Romain, and his girlfriend are going on vacation for a month or so (starting tomorrow) and wanted someone to look over their place. They recently had a leak in their roof, and wanted someone to stay at their place to make sure the damage doesn't get any worse while they are gone. Easy enough for us, right? Not only that, but the apartment is in the 6th arrondissement... which means walking distance from the Louvre, Notre Dame, and Jardin du Luxembourg. So for a few weeks, we have a free stay in a great part of the city. Sweeeeet.

So tonight we met up with Romain to take a look at the apartment and get acquainted. His apartment is pretty roomy, around 50 square meters or so, which is pretty big for Paris. There's a good sized kitchen so I can cook some meals, and a big TV and video games galore for Quentin. Later we met up with his brother Ben and had some tasty Indian food and even tastier gelato... C'est très bonne! Sorry I don't have any pictures... I left my camera at home. Tomorrow we'll be moving some stuff and Bruzer (cross your fingers) over to the apartment... so bonne nuit for now!

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