Friday, July 9, 2010

Day One

Very exhausted and hungry as hell, we've finally arrived in France. Day one went pretty smoothly. After messes of paperwork, overnight FedEx fiascoes and one too many tears in trying to get Bruzer, my cat, to France with me, we ironically didn't even go through customs at Charles De Gaulle. Bruzer seems to have survived the flight as well. I was worried that the non-direct(layover in Iceland) flight would traumatize him, after a friend of ours told us that it took 2 years for his cat to start purring again after an overseas flight. The only thing that happened was that he peed in his cage, but after spending almost 18 hours locked up like that, I can't blame him, I'd do it too. So once we got to Quentin's parents apartment I gave him a bath and plenty of treats.

Speaking of treats, I was starving from the flight. Thank you Iceland Air for being so cheap, but now I know why. Zero in-flight meals(unless you paid for them) means buying a bunch of really expensive airport food to last you through your flight. I bought about $35 worth of food to last me and Quentin through both flights, and in total: 1 Turkey sandwich, 1 Ham sandwich, Cold Udon Noodles, a small container of Macaroni Salad and Pesto Tortellini. They were all pretty tasty, but definitely not worth the 35 bucks. So needless to say, my first meal in France was a good one. Nothing too big, just a little something to tide me over, but something I've had before, something comforting, and something delicious. Galette with egg and cheese... oops, excuse moi, galette oeuf fromage. Crispy outside, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth inside... pure deliciousness.


Besides all of the goodness going on in my belly, it's been pretty calm today... mostly just unpacking and recouping from the jet-lag. So, more sleep for now, but tomorrow I'm going into Paris to meet up with an old friend that I haven't seen in years... and we'll be likely to eat something tasty! À demain!

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