Friday, August 13, 2010

Bad Karma Can Be A Good Thing

I think karma was trying to tell me that I've been too lazy these past few days. It's true, for the most part, I've spent our last remaining days in our 6th arrondissement(center of Paris) apartment all cooped up indoors. It hasn't been without good reason, though! I didn't expect this to happen so soon, but I am now working remotely for HBA(the design firm I was working for in Atlanta) as a specification writer. It's great to have an income again, but not so fun to wake up to the annoying buzz of an alarm clock(not that I don't hit the snooze button for an hour or two anyway). Needless to say, I've been sitting at my computer for the last few days, spec'ing(I know that's not a word, but I want to make it one) away.

The one great thing about having a job again, is that I was able to afford the one thing I really wanted to get Quentin for his 30th birthday(which is today in fact... HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUENTIN!)... a Nintendo DSi. I took him yesterday to pick it out(he, of course, picked the red one) along with whatever game he wanted(Mario Kart). Hehe... I think he liked it.

So back to why karma kicked my ass today... since I've just been sitting on my butt for the past 4 days, I really wanted to get out of the apartment and do a little window shopping. Well, it was more like, "now that I have a job, let's see what I'm going to spend my money on" shopping. I figured before I started my daily spec writing, I could make the 15 minute trek to Le Bon Marché and get a little visual stimulation(wow, that sounds dirty). Le Bon Marché is super expensive, and I would probably never buy anything there, but it's great place to check out... not only for the things they sell, but for the interiors, the displays, and their creative use of kitchen tools... hehe.

(Note: All pictures were taken during a previous successful trip to Le Bon Marché)

Now, I've been to Le Bon Marché a good three or so times now, so I figured I could remember how to get there by memory. Ha. I should let you all know now, over the past couple of years, my memory has gone to shit... I don't really know why... I used to be able to remember everything. These days, I can barely remember what I did last week. I started walking towards what I thought was Rue du Four... but somehow ended up walking aimlessly and ending up at the Jardin du Luxembourg. By the time I figured out that I was lost, 20 minutes had already passed, and I knew it would take another 20 minutes just to find my way back home. Arrrgh! I wanted this to be a quick trip so that I could get home quickly and start working! I started walking a little faster to try and find something familiar so I could orient myself, and find my way home.

Here's the route I was supposed to go:

Here's the route I went:

So yeah, karma kicked my butt today. I figured it was telling me that; One, I shouldn't tempt myself into spending money just yet, and two, that my ass needed some exercise! I can't complain though, I burned a few calories, walked through the beautiful Jardin du Luxembourg, and managed not to spend a single dime. Thanks, Paris.


  1. Ha ha thanks for wishing me a happy birthday again !! That's indeed an interesting route you took today :) Bisoutes !!

  2. Hehe yeah, I should have known that I would forget how to get there... Bisoutes to you!

  3. I presented Le Bon Marche on my blog in June. It is a great grocery store, although - be careful - a lot of products of the same brands one can get in cheaper places - food markets (cheese, fish, vegetables). In addition, I was disappointed when I could not find some products for Italian cooking. Kind regards.

  4. Actually it was your post that led me to Le Bon Marché in the first place, Magdalena! I know, it is very expensive, so I just go to look :) I love that post of yours by the way... it gave me fun things to do while I was living in the 6eme... back in the suburbs for now!