Monday, September 20, 2010

Flying Kites and Delicious Bites

This weekend we went back to Veulettes for another relaxing weekend at the beach. 

Lunch in Veulettes

This time, we took a short drive to the nearby seaside town of Dieppe, where they were holding the Festival International de Cerf-Volant (International Kite Festival). It is the world's largest kite festival, and people from all over the world come to see the hundreds of kites being flown along the sea shore. We had a picnic of cheese, paté, hard boiled eggs, fruits and veggies on the pebble-filled beach while we watched the kites soar peacefully in the wind.

The Big Guys

Keeping it Afloat!

Follow me!

Several countries had their own booths to represent their cultural influence on the history of the kite, complete with demonstrations and examples of their kite designs.

Phillipines Booth!

Painting A Balinese Kite

It was a great festival, with some of the largest, and *ahem*... most interesting kites I have ever seen.

It's a Boy!

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