Wednesday, December 1, 2010

THE OUTCOME! Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for 14 in a Parisian Kitchen

I just wanted to give a quick recap for those of you who might be wondering about the outcome of our  little 14-person Thanksgiving dinner in a Parisian kitchen. Hehe.. well, here it goes...

Thanksgiving Dinner!

As I quickly mentioned in my previous post, our 14 (actually 12 in the end) person Thanksgiving dinner was a success. The food was delicious, and the two turkeys *magically* cooked perfectly (thank you turkey gods!). The only thing that didn't quite cook completely... or bake, rather, was the sour cream apple pie. It actually almost set the kitchen on fire. It was 100% my fault, as I shouldn't have dunked the apples into a bowl of lemon water to keep them from browning before I put them into the pie. This made them WAAAAY too juicy, and as the pie cooked, sugary liquid oozed out over the crust onto the bottom of the hot oven. That turned into one hot mess (literally); the burnt sugar turned into embers and before I knew it, the whole kitchen was clouded with smoke. Whoops... hehe.

Sour Cream Apple Pie... Pre-Disaster

Aside from that, my game plan worked out just as I hoped, and I was able to enjoy the party, the food, the booze (of course), and even some of the apple pie.

Alice made a boat load of delicious appetizers... 

Alice Making Apps!

Bouchées de boudin noir with a touche of compote de pomme (blood sausage with apple compote)...

Yummy Appetizers

Cheese and potato puree with chives wrapped in phyllo dough and fried until crispy, tomato basil bruschetta, and bouchées de chèvre chaud with a tranche of green apple and oignon caramélisés (warm goat cheese with slices of green apple and caramelized onions). 

Quentin Making Cornbread

Quentin really helped me out by taking charge of the mashed potatoes. 

Quentin's Cornbread

He even kicked it up a notch and made some "from scratch" cornbread.. which was a knockout hit. Surprisingly, not many people knew what cornbread was... although not surprising to me since I had a hard time finding cornmeal. It was gooood...

We spent the night drinking cider and wine and decorating our Christmas tree. We roommates thought it would add to our maison du bonheur (house of happiness) to have a tree that was created/decorated by our friends instead of hurting a poor little tree from the forest. Go green!

Thomas Decorating the Tree

Audrey Decorating the Tree

Jules Decorating the Tree

So now we have a colorful and unique Christmas tree... complete with a dead angel, melting ice cream, a Super Mario star, phantom, and a big blue snake being attacked by my rendition of Bruzer (just to name a few).

Our Christmas Tree So Far...

Christmas, here we come!


  1. What a lovely Thanksgiving to stash away in your memories!! The tree idea is fabulous :) The turkey gods DID truly bless you if they both came out ok in a tiny Parisian oven with questionable calibration, hah! Love your posts!

  2. It sounds like you guys had a great time. I remember I hosted a thanksgiving dinner once, in my parisian kitchen. I didn't find a turkey so I cooked a chicken instead! LOL! It was a long time ago...